"Those people with stretched ears and tattoos are all bad news."


“Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the PLL writers in last nights episode?” —

everyone except Haleb fans raise their hands (via emisonfeelings)


Regarding all the Ezra hate…


I hope this episode knocked some thought into everyone that yes, Ezra has screwed up in the past, but he’s not evil. He’s not the devil. He didn’t have intentions to hurt anyone. He just wanted to protect the girl he loves and put an end to all of A’s antics, but unknowingly went a little overboard.

Ezra opened up to Spencer in this episode about how he didn’t have the greatest family life and how his parents pretty much disowned him after he ditched the elite life to live a more simpler lifestyle. After his parents divorced his father didn’t really make an effort to be in his life and his mother was embarrassed by his humbleness. His mother practically cut off ties with him just because she didn’t like the normal lifestyle he was living. Basically, he wasn’t good enough for her.

He never experienced what it felt like to have someone love you unconditionally, let alone believed in it. To have someone love you no matter who you are, how much money you have, where you came from, how many times you messed up. Just to have someone love you for who you are, and have so much faith in you. He never had that, until the day he met Aria.

Aria was the first person to show him unconditional love. Think of everything Ezra has been through. How many times he’s been jobless with money issues. That didn’t matter to Aria. Broke or rich, the amount of money he had was just a number. Do you know how shocking that must have been to Ezra? Compared to the materialistic and greedy lack of morals from his family, it was so new to him that Aria still loved him even when he had no money. Or how about when his mother offered Aria money to stop seeing him. No amount of money in the world could buy off her love for him. No matter how many times he’s screwed up and he feels like there’s no more hope for him, Aria STILL has so much faith and love for him.

Ezra isn’t evil, the bad guy, a stalker, abusive, a user, or anything you try to say. He’s just a guy who was broken and scarred from how his family completely disowned him. Do you know how horrible that must feel? To one day have your own parents decide you’re not good enough and leave you hurting at the side of the road like a pile of garbage? He was doubting himself as a person until Aria came into his life and taught him that it’s OKAY to be humble, to not have all the money in the world, to feel like you’re struggling to get by at times, to feel betrayed and hurt by the people who you thought cared about you. She held his hand through the times he would have never been able to get through without her. Ezra also helped her during her family issues and parents divorcing, because he understood exactly what she was going through. They were there for each other, always. That’s why they’re soulmates.

Now Ezra feels like a huge burden because he thinks he screwed up for the last time and lost the only thing that ever truly loved him. He is so angry at himself for not telling Aria about the book and knowing Alison before she found out herself. Why didn’t he just go ahead and tell her earlier? He was fucking scared. He knew how bad it sounds and how Aria would feel and he was just afraid of losing her. Now he just feels even more horrible that he hid such a big secret from Aria and thinks she’ll never forgive him or look at him the same way. He’s not satan or a robot. He has feelings and remorse. He knows what he did, and he regrets it more than anything. He hates himself right now, because he feels he may have completely screwed up once and for all.


i swear to god I’m such a low maintenance friend like you could have not spoken to me for months and ill still be like yEAH FRIEND HI 




Wrong Door


whoever made this-you’re genious hahah 

“I’m washing my truck, and Rob drops in on me suddenly. It was so tense shooting Twilight, and there’s this little scene that felt like it was out of an ’80s teen movie. He does this cool little move, and we’re sort of dancing around each other. We still talk about this scene and how fun it was. He remembers what I was wearing. I remember everything about that day.

You know what pissed me off the most with this episode?


The fact that Emily, Spencer, Aria and Alison all see that Hanna is losing her shit, in this toxic/Loveish relationship with Caleb (because she’s hurting, he’s familiar, he’s hurting, she’s familiar..they need some type of comfort..familiarity but they still love each other), She’s drinking, she’s alway’s buzzed/tipsy and they are not bothering to figure out why. Caleb took one look at her knew hair, all it took was one look at her and he knew the reason why. 

I find this all bullshit because when Emily lost Maya Emily was drunnkkk I mean..drunker than Hanna. Drunk Hanna has NOTHING in drunk Emily. My point is..they rallied around Emily in her time of need but Hanna..nothing?

Have they forgotten that Hanna already was dealing with an eating disorder, bullied by Alison, she dressed like Alison, her hair was like her…she doesn’t know who she is? I’m sure most of us can relate to that. Even now. That’s a scary feeling..not knowing who you are. 

Don’t tell me that they’re trying to unravel this A mystery because they are no step closer than they were 3 episodes ago. 

Bottom line..You make time for your friends. Seperate the Alison bullshit, A bullshit and help your friend. 

ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴀɴ ʀᴘᴇʀ: a guide


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This is not about love… This is about lies. And whispered conversations that stop when somebody walks into a room.